Top Vegetarian Cooking Shows

Love food? Love animals? Look no further than this list of the best vegan and vegetarian cooking shows on air.

Mix your love of nature with your taste for delicious things, and you get a winning combination of good health and sustainability. While vegetarian cooking shows have not yet taken the world by storm, these vegetarian shows on public television and independent networks are worth following.

1. The Jazzy Vegetarian, Create Network and Public Television

Aired via public television and the Create network, the Jazzy Vegetarian is hosted and co-produced by Laura Theodore, author of the book Vegan-Ease. Theodore is also featured via podcasts, on her blog, social media, and she hosts her own website. The plant-based series has already aired 65, 30-minute episodes where all recipes are explained step by step. These recipes do not use dairy, eggs, or any animal products.

2. Delicious TV’s Totally Vegetarian, Public Television

Produced in Portland, Maine, this series focuses on casual Mediterranean vegetarian meals by chef Toni Fiore. The show airs through public TV stations all over the U.S. Fiore’s show stands out in that it also invites the viewing audience to engage in other sustainability and animal mercy practices for everyday life besides food. It also guides the audience to the freshest food spots, and offers advice on cooking tips and how to give a twist to vegetarian fare.

3.Christina Cooks, Public Television and Cooking Channel 7pm, various schedules

Chef Christina Pirello has worked with 100% organic, vegetarian ingredients for the past 25 years. She brands herself as a health cooking teacher, and she has a full schedule of engagements for 2017 where she infuses heart-healthy ingredients in delicious recipes for the whole family. Christina not only has her own show, but she is a common guest in cooking shows on over 200 public TV channels nationwide. Christina works with legumes, organic vegetables and whole grains. She also streams though her own website,, and she markets her own rice syrups and other vegetarian add-ons for complete meals.

4. How to Live to 100, Cooking Channel, Mondays, 7:30 am

This show is one of the first to be given its own, syndicated time via a major network which is the Cooking Channel. Chef Jason Wrobel is known as the “King of Superfoods” due to his penchant for uniting nutritionally-powerful ingredients in the making of his dishes. Wrobel’s charming and funny personality makes the show fun to watch and easy to follow. It also gives much needed advice on what foods help with what, and how they are best cooked to obtain the most nutritional value.

5. The Urban Vegetarian, GustoTV –Fridays, 10 pm

This show combines quirk, style and gusto by hostess Desiree Nielsen, a registered dietitian. The show works as a great learning experience, where Nielsen uses her expertise on nutrition to expand upon the effects of food in the body. In the process, she also confections great desserts and wonderful baked dishes in a fresh, easy-to-watch format that is both educational and fun.

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