The Best Superfoods For Your Pregnancy

One of the most important factors in having a successful pregnancy is your diet. Nutrients from healthy natural foods are important to keep your body going, and  just as important to the new life developing. It is critical during all phases of the pregnancy that you maintain proper eating habits.

Best Pregnancy Superfoods

Almonds are a substantial source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is important in the development of the infant’s brain. Eating a quarter cup of almonds will give you a third of your regular dose of vitamin E. Also, because almonds are rich in protein, eating a few of them will help ease your hunger pangs.

Bananas can provide 10 percent of your required potassium amount. They can also aid in preventing hypertension related to pregnancy. Eating bananas helps to keep your blood pressure low while pregnant reducing chances of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Kale not only provides you with the vitamin A and C you need, but also provides folic acid and calcium. Folic acid aids in preventing birth defects and calcium helps to build bones. Medical professionals recommend that pregnant women (really everyone) eat a cup of kale or any other leafy green vegetable at least three times a week.

Eating Salmon can help you get the required 300 milligrams a day of DHA you need. This is important because it aids in reducing preterm labor complications, postpartum depression, and preeclampsia. It also helps develop the baby’s brain, eyes, and central nervous system. Salmon can be consumed at most once a week during pregnancy.

Yogurt is essential to getting more calcium in your diet. If you are not getting enough calcium in your body, your baby will take it from your bones. Yogurt also contains probiotics. Probiotics aid in reducing your baby’s risk of getting allergies or eczema throughout their lifetime.

Beef is essential in getting your daily requirement of zinc. Zinc can aid in reducing the risk of preterm delivery, neonatal infection, and pregnancy difficulties.

Cereal can also provide you with more iron than a portion of spinach. Getting iron in your system can be essential to reducing your baby’s chance of developing autism, and is beneficial in guaranteeing a healthy birth weight and giving you the energy boost you need.

Your diet is key to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Make sure to consult your physician for any questions or concerns about what will work best for you, particularily if you have any allergies to specific foods.

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