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Treat Your Liver To These Cleansing Foods

Have you been neglecting the health of your liver? it’s an often-overlooked organ but it is also quite vital for human survival. Thankfully, there are a number of foods that can have a supremely positive effect on your liver, should they become regular staples in your diet.

1. Broccoli: Part of the “cruciferous” family of vegetables, broccoli is great for your liver as well as many other organs in your body. Heavy in anti-oxidizing properties, broccoli, and its other cruciferous brethren have profoundly detoxing effects on your body. Broccoli gets its place on the liver-helper list due to the heavy levels of “glucosinolates” in the plant. This molecular compound allows the liver to produce certain enzymes that greatly aid in digestion as well as in the removal of toxins.

2. Apples: There has to be a liver-cleaning food that actually tastes good, right? Well, apples can be that for almost anyone. Granted, the other ingredients on this list are also delicious if you know how to prepare and season them. That being said, the old saying of an apple a day keeping the doctor away also applies here.

3. Onions: Ok, onions might be unpleasant for some, but preparation is the key here. A slow sauté and pairing with other vegetables can make onions into your best friend. Aside from taste, they are packed with “Allicin” which is a nutrient that helps flush your liver of toxins. The power of the onion only starts with the liver and allicin but it ranges into many other areas, all targeted towards immune support and detoxification.

4. Leafy Greens: This category can really include anything from spinach to collard greens, kale, mustard greens and many more. If it’s leafy and green, then it’s almost definitely great for your liver. The green in the plants is formed by chlorophyll in the plants cells, which also happens to be great for purifying blood in the human body. Eating your greens is actually more than just nagging parental advice, it’s smart and healthy advice.

Your liver is the filter of your body, ensuring that only the best and purest nutrients and blood makes it into your bloodstream. The foods we all enjoy are not entirely void of toxins and chemicals. The liver, if functioning properly, is our last and biggest line of defense against these harmful impurities making into our blood streams. The foods mentioned in this article, once introduced as a regular part of your diet, will support and slowly rehabilitate the health of your liver.


Vegetable Smoothies Can Be Your Best Friend

You know that a vegetable smoothie is healthier than a bucket of chicken but you may not realize just how much so it is. We’ll overview a few areas in which your diet and health will benefit by adding 3-5 vegetable smoothies to your weekly diet. You know that if you fill up on vegetables, there will be less room for junk food, but did you realize that drinking your vegetables in a smoothie form can also be delicious and greatly beneficial to your health? It’s the case and when you spend a full month trying a few shakes a week, we’re willing to bet the farm that you feel noticeably better!

Your first starter tip is to invest in a quality blender. There’s really no other easy way to have a good vegetable smoothie aside from going to a business that serves such things a la carte. Once you’re prepared with a blender, load up the green leafy vegetables. They’ll form a nice base to the drink, pack in the calcium and make sure the smoothie is the color it’s supposed to be – green!

Kale and other leafy greens contain a high amount of rich calcium. This will help prevent kidney stones, which are extremely painful. Another benefit of drinking these healthy-veggie shakes is the fact that you’ll feel full longer and crave less heavy carbs such as bread, pasta and rice. Those winter carbs will slow your body down and leave your immune system open for attack. Subbing out slow carbs for fast veggies is your go-to move for optimum health.

Without getting a bit too describing or vulgar, let’s just say that you’ll be able to “go” when you’re on the spot. Vegetable smoothies are great for keeping the digestive health of your body in tip-top shape and can have you feeling very regular and dependable. You won’t have a bloated or backed-up issue like those who regularly dine on fast food. You’ll be able to do your business!

Some awesome vegetables to consider are broccoli, okra, zucchini and brussels sprouts. Spruce up the flavor with some persimmons, lemon, lime or some carrots. French beans are filled with water and will give your shake a bit of a natural sweetness. Add peppers for a kick and a banana or some apples to take the “super-healthy” edge off. Staying on a smoothie-based diet will help you keep regular and in the best shape of your life. Trust in the veggie.