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Why Try A Vegetarian Diet?

Vegetarian diets have been around, literally, since mankind began walking the earth. Today, more people have begun to shift away from a meat-based diet for health and longevity. Many of the individuals that have tried these diets have decided to make it a permanent lifestyle change. They notice how much better they feel, look, and function. For some, a temporary switch to a vegetarian diet is the most appropriate strategy.

Selecting the type of vegetarian diet that is right for you can be challenging. First, you need to determine what your overall goal is. Are you trying to lose weight, or are you more concerned with cholesterol? Some are even dieting for an additional boost of energy. If you are trying to accomplish a specific goal then you first need to research which vegetables are most effective in helping to accomplish the results you desire.

If you are interested in slimming down solely, then it is relatively more simple to create a healthy vegetable based meal plan. All vegetables have their healthy qualities and with a broader variety of foods, it is easy to create tasty and diverse meals to suit just about anyone’s needs. It is important to plan how to substitute plant protein for meat protein; a good alternative is beans. They also provide excellent dietary fiber.

If you are trying to improve a particular health ailment, then you will want to center your diet around vegetables that are known to improve your condition. There are several ways in which most vegetables can be prepared. It is best to research and experiment with them and determine which recipes suit your taste buds. Your diet may be restricted if you are changing to a vegetarian diet in order to reduce health issues. You may have to try foods you have never had, or eat veggies you are not fond of. If you take the time to try the foods prepared several unique ways, you may discover you actually enjoy them.

When deciding to pursue a vegetarian diet keep in mind that you are allowed to have animal by-products such as milk and eggs. This will help to get the protein in your diet that you lack from meat. Once you get the hang of preparing food without meat, it will become second nature, and you may not miss meat at all. Many have gone permanent vegetarian and have never looked back.


Vegetarian Blogs You Need To Follow

Whether they are green, orange, purple or some other color, fruits and vegetables are healthy, whole foods commonly found in a vegetarian diet. Vegetarians eat an abundance of delicious foods but the defining aspect is that they do not eat meat. While there are a range of vegetarian diets, one can find many blogs to help with recipes to suit an assortment of tastes.

One exciting vegetarian blog is Cookie and Kate. Kate treats readers to tidbits of her life, mostly pertaining to food, while showing readers how to make delicious vegetarian recipes. Her narrative is interesting to read and her photographs of food are top-notch. In addition, she posts the ingredients and step-by-step instructions for each recipe so that the reader can print them out easily. She features recipes for every meal of the day. Additionally, she teaches how to make foods from a variety of cultures such as a Thai Red Curry and Greek Farro Salad. If you are looking for recipes with a specific item, she has many recipes grouped by ingredient such as “12 pasta dishes,” “12 pumpkin recipes,” or “20 Game Day Favorites.” This site was started in 2010 and is added to frequently therefore, many delicious options can be found.

Naturally Ella is another vegetarian blog site. This site has an abundance of food photos and limited narrative. Still, it shows the foods being prepared and the author does tell the reader about possible variations that can be made. She focuses on healthy, seasonal foods. For example a recent fall recipe was Pumpkin Pancakes. She also focuses on recipes that use mostly pantry items. Both of these aspects make the recipes economical and thus accessible to more people. Her blog does have printable text for each recipe, assisting readers with their preparation.

Post Punk Kitchen is the blog to follow for vegans who like something a little bit different. The recipes on this blog are fun and tasty but not your everyday fare. For example, Isa, the author, recently featured Breakfast Nachos, full of tortillas, potatoes, tofu, avocado and other vegan choices. Her Green Lasagna Roll-ups are another vegan twist on a popular favorite. Like the others, this blog showcases beautiful photos and printable recipes along with a good amount of narrative to help you become super excited about the recipes.

Vegetarians, like everyone, have different food tastes and needs. While you may find other vegetarian food blogs on the internet, these three sites are a spectacular sample that will provide a huge variety of choice for every palette. Cookie and Kate, Naturally Ella, and Post Punk Kitchen teach readers a wide variety of recipes while appealing to their aesthetics with the beautiful food photography.