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Vegetarian Blogs You Need To Follow

Whether they are green, orange, purple or some other color, fruits and vegetables are healthy, whole foods commonly found in a vegetarian diet. Vegetarians eat an abundance of delicious foods but the defining aspect is that they do not eat meat. While there are a range of vegetarian diets, one can find many blogs to help with recipes to suit an assortment of tastes.

One exciting vegetarian blog is Cookie and Kate. Kate treats readers to tidbits of her life, mostly pertaining to food, while showing readers how to make delicious vegetarian recipes. Her narrative is interesting to read and her photographs of food are top-notch. In addition, she posts the ingredients and step-by-step instructions for each recipe so that the reader can print them out easily. She features recipes for every meal of the day. Additionally, she teaches how to make foods from a variety of cultures such as a Thai Red Curry and Greek Farro Salad. If you are looking for recipes with a specific item, she has many recipes grouped by ingredient such as “12 pasta dishes,” “12 pumpkin recipes,” or “20 Game Day Favorites.” This site was started in 2010 and is added to frequently therefore, many delicious options can be found.

Naturally Ella is another vegetarian blog site. This site has an abundance of food photos and limited narrative. Still, it shows the foods being prepared and the author does tell the reader about possible variations that can be made. She focuses on healthy, seasonal foods. For example a recent fall recipe was Pumpkin Pancakes. She also focuses on recipes that use mostly pantry items. Both of these aspects make the recipes economical and thus accessible to more people. Her blog does have printable text for each recipe, assisting readers with their preparation.

Post Punk Kitchen is the blog to follow for vegans who like something a little bit different. The recipes on this blog are fun and tasty but not your everyday fare. For example, Isa, the author, recently featured Breakfast Nachos, full of tortillas, potatoes, tofu, avocado and other vegan choices. Her Green Lasagna Roll-ups are another vegan twist on a popular favorite. Like the others, this blog showcases beautiful photos and printable recipes along with a good amount of narrative to help you become super excited about the recipes.

Vegetarians, like everyone, have different food tastes and needs. While you may find other vegetarian food blogs on the internet, these three sites are a spectacular sample that will provide a huge variety of choice for every palette. Cookie and Kate, Naturally Ella, and Post Punk Kitchen teach readers a wide variety of recipes while appealing to their aesthetics with the beautiful food photography.


Two Sides Of Raw Food Diet: The Good And Bad

Shifting into raw food diet can have both good and bad effects to your health. Food is an essential part of everyday life, and it’s important for anyone to read more about this before making this major move. Below is a summary of both the pros and cons of raw food diet.

1. Raw food eliminates that risk of harmful radicals released on cooked food. For example, oil heated beyond smoke points can release toxic chemicals, and charring meat can produce carcinogens.

2. Removes processed or refined ingredients in your diet. You don’t have to worry about checking labels for how much trans-fat and sodium content each food has. This is why most people who have diabetes and heart problems can benefit greatly in eating raw food.

3. Promotes healthy digestive system. Raw food diet is mainly composed of fruits and vegetables which are rich in digestive fiber. This natural digestive sweeper can cleanse your digestive tract for better absorption of nutrients.

4. One of the most common feedback messages received is that people notice they have more energy and feel lighter when they shifted to raw food. This is mainly because of high fiber intake, which cleanses the gut. As a result, even with small servings of food, your stomach and intestines can absorb more nutrients into your bloodstream. Your internal organs and skin then receive more macronutrients, vitamins and minerals to function better than before.

5. In terms of economics, buying raw food from local markets promotes sustainable living and development. There will be less dependence on imported food products and fast food chains that serve unhealthy food.
Risks on Raw Food Diet
Not all greens are healthy for everyone. This is why you should consult your doctor first before your start a raw food diet. If you have weak thyroid health, eating superfoods like kale, broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts can cause more harm than good. These vegetables are rich in goitrogens which can cause thyroid disorders.

One of the many problems in raw food diet is contamination and harmful toxins. One should read more about preparation methods of raw food. Depending on the source and how your food is handled, salmonella, E. coli and other harmful bacteria can cling easily on raw food.

Raw potato skin is very toxic especially when it turns green. It has a chemical defense system that protects itself from predators, when handled it releases solanine toxin which can hallucinations, fever, paralysis, coma and death. Spinach, chives and parsley also contain oxalic acid, that when eaten raw, can cause irritations on your skin and digestive tract. Although we can defend that spinach is rich in iron, cook it first to reduce the effects of oxalic acid.

Nutrient deficiency is also common on raw food diet. Contrary to the notion that eating fruits and vegetables and raw food will give you ample supply of nutrients, many people often find out that they have symptoms of vitamin D, iron and calcium deficiencies. Many find it hard to increase muscle mass and cope with high intensity activities due to lack of protein and essential fatty acids, which is mostly present on meat.