Drinks That Can Ruin Your Diet

When you’re on a diet, it’s necessary to make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids. However, you many not think that the Diet Soda you’re drinking or even the high sugar drinks that “look healthy” may be affecting how you lose weight and how much weight you lose. The vitamin waters that boast all of the healthy benefits but are loaded with sugars or the “skinny” latte coffee drinks that you think may not be so bad, really are bad.

Drinking any kind of soda is probably the absolute worst kind of drink you can drink when you’re trying to lose weight. There are absolutely no health benefits to drinking a soda and it does not hydrate your body by any means. In fact, it can dehydrate your body which will send your body’s response to retain water, which in return will add pounds to the scale and your clothes will not fit like they normally do.

If you’re trying to lose weight and want to be pro-active, the best kind of drink you can drink is water. Water hydrates the systems and allows the blood flow to every extremity in your body which is flooded with oxygen and begins to flush the toxins from your body. The general rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. This will ensure that you are actively becoming hydrated and increasing your metabolism which will result in weight loss. If you want to drink more than half of your body weight, go for it! It will benefit you even more!

You will want to make sure you’re drinking a glass of milk also. The benefits of milk offer vitamin D and can also help make you feel fuller after a meal which can help you lost weight too. Milk will help you keep your strong bones and keep you healthy.

If you choose to work out, you will want to make sure you are drinking plenty of water and watch your sugar intake. Drinks like Gatorade have sodium in them, and drinks like Crystal Light may be calorie free, but contain aspartame, which has been proven to offer absolutely no health benefits.

So, if you don’t want to ruin your diet and you’re doing all of the right things by getting in plenty of exercise and eating right, you want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to fuel your metabolism and lose that weight!

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