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Super Foods With Super Powers

Any parent can agree that getting their kids to eat the foods they should isn’t the easiest thing to do. As our kids grow it becomes hard to find foods that are good for them that are also delicious. These are some super foods that’ll maximize the nutrients you and your family take in each day while enjoying the taste of your food.

Avocados are probably one of the most famous super foods you can find. They are packed with vitamins. They also do not contain any cholesterol or sodium. Actually, eating avocados or avocado based products regularly can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Avocados are incredibly versatile. You can cook them in tons of different ways. Guacamole is just one option. There are also salads, tacos, and other endless dishes that can be made with avocados.

Blueberries are considered to be the world’s healthiest food. They have been linked to the improvement of memory. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that boost your immune system and assist with the heath of your heart. Blueberries have also been known to lower one’s risk of getting prostate and cardiovascular cancer. Like avocados, blueberries are a highly versatile food. They can be eaten raw as a snack or incorporated in cereals, yogurts, oatmeal, teas, and pancakes.

Nuts are a great and healthy food to include in any child’s diet. There are so many different kinds. Nuts are full of protein. Walnuts have been known to protect from cellular damage. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and promote weight loss. Cashews can prevent anemia and improve vision. Best of all, nuts taste great by themselves.

Eggs are a great super food because they’re easy, high in protein and low in calories. Eating eggs can help you lose weight and still receive your required amount of protein and vitamins.

Beans are a super food because they contain lots of Vitamin B and calcium. Beans are also packed with protein and very filling as part of a meal. Beans promote heart, brain, and muscle health. Best of all they are delicious and come in many types.

These are many super foods that will help promote a healthy diet and taste delicious. Other super foods can include: salmon, sweet potatoes, and spinach. These foods have great taste and great health benefits. You’ll love them and your kids will too.


Healthy Eating Is A Lifestyle

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is a good choice no matter what. There are so many benefits that healthy eating offers; your body functions better, you’re in a better mood, even your skin looks better. Plus it’s surprisingly delicious! While it may be hard to stick with it, a little patience and strength will go a long way.

Learning more about nutrition is a huge step in actually eating healthy. Once you understand what food can actually offer you, it’s more enticing to eat something healthy. You know what you’re putting into your body because you took the time to learn. That’s why eating healthy is called a lifestyle; it affects your whole life. You’ll realize that your health is worth more than anything tastes. Putting your perspectives in order will motivate you to reach for healthier options.

Eating healthy and keeping hydrated will make you feel a 100 times better. When you’re receiving the proper nutrients that your body needs, it functions better. Processed foods and refined sugars slow your body down because those foods are more difficult for your body to break down. You might get a rush of energy at first, but everything that goes up must come down and you will crash hard. If you eat smaller portions and include lots of protein and fiber, which will keep your energy up with no crash.

The downside to not eating healthy is a slew of health problems. From obesity and diabetes to heart disease and high blood pressure, you’re putting yourself at risk for all of it. Eating a diet of processed foods, high amounts of carbs and added sugars clogs up your veins and can lead to a heart attack. On the less extreme side, not eating healthy results in feeling tired or foggy, being irritable when crashing and bowel problems.

Once you make the switch to healthy eating, you will notice the difference within a few days, depending on the person. However long it takes for your body to get used to the idea of working less and getting more out of your foods. However long it takes, you will be happy. You will have the energy to play with your kids or put in a strong eight hour day without reaching for coffee or salty snacks. Put yourself first and take control of your life. Start making healthier food choices and your body will thank you.


Vegetable Smoothies Can Be Your Best Friend

You know that a vegetable smoothie is healthier than a bucket of chicken but you may not realize just how much so it is. We’ll overview a few areas in which your diet and health will benefit by adding 3-5 vegetable smoothies to your weekly diet. You know that if you fill up on vegetables, there will be less room for junk food, but did you realize that drinking your vegetables in a smoothie form can also be delicious and greatly beneficial to your health? It’s the case and when you spend a full month trying a few shakes a week, we’re willing to bet the farm that you feel noticeably better!

Your first starter tip is to invest in a quality blender. There’s really no other easy way to have a good vegetable smoothie aside from going to a business that serves such things a la carte. Once you’re prepared with a blender, load up the green leafy vegetables. They’ll form a nice base to the drink, pack in the calcium and make sure the smoothie is the color it’s supposed to be – green!

Kale and other leafy greens contain a high amount of rich calcium. This will help prevent kidney stones, which are extremely painful. Another benefit of drinking these healthy-veggie shakes is the fact that you’ll feel full longer and crave less heavy carbs such as bread, pasta and rice. Those winter carbs will slow your body down and leave your immune system open for attack. Subbing out slow carbs for fast veggies is your go-to move for optimum health.

Without getting a bit too describing or vulgar, let’s just say that you’ll be able to “go” when you’re on the spot. Vegetable smoothies are great for keeping the digestive health of your body in tip-top shape and can have you feeling very regular and dependable. You won’t have a bloated or backed-up issue like those who regularly dine on fast food. You’ll be able to do your business!

Some awesome vegetables to consider are broccoli, okra, zucchini and brussels sprouts. Spruce up the flavor with some persimmons, lemon, lime or some carrots. French beans are filled with water and will give your shake a bit of a natural sweetness. Add peppers for a kick and a banana or some apples to take the “super-healthy” edge off. Staying on a smoothie-based diet will help you keep regular and in the best shape of your life. Trust in the veggie.


Go Ape Over Bananas. They’re Amazing.

Well, monkeys must have a good reason for their love for bananas. Sure, the oddly-crescent shape of a banana is surely fun to look at and it’s yellow color is eye-grabbing but nothing else compares to the health benefits a banana can offer. If you are someone who thinks eating healthy has to be a taste sacrifice, you must not have recently tried a banana. They’re delicious right out of the skin, but try adding banana slices to cereals, shakes and baked dishes to reveal their true flavor potential.

Those trying to keep regular will appreciate the high fiber content in bananas. Even if you find yourself on the other end of the bowel-spectrum (diarrhea), a diet with fresh bananas will regulate and normalize your bowel movement situation regardless of which side of the spectrum you start on.

Ladies, did you know that a banana during that time of the month will help you relieve the stress associated with PMS symptoms? Wow, chalk that up as another win for team banana. For you guys (and girls, too!), have you ever gotten overheated on a really hot and sunny day? Throw a banana down the hatch and experience a pleasant cool-off. That’s just another trick the mighty yellow fruit can do.

If you want a real treat, try combining some banana, avocado and some raw honey in a blender with some hemp protein, almond milk and ground cinnamon. Blend up that concoction and throw in some peanut or almond butter if you feel so inclined. That will be a delicious meal-replacement and will give your body a super-natural shot of energy that won’t fade or crash like a sugary or starchy alternative.

Just like its long-removed cousin, the turkey, the banana includes an ingredient called Tryptophan which is known to be a mood-booster. Having a banana or two is a sure fire way to not only cool off after a long day but to also cool out if you’re concerned about your temper or frustration levels. Anxiety and fatigue weep in the presence of the almighty banana. Another trick that the banana can do is quite magical. Take the inside of a banana peel and rub it on a cut, hives or a bug bite to have that spot be soothed of itching. It’s all natural and it’s got plenty of moves. You probably didn’t know everything the banana was capable of before reading this but you’d be surprised to find that you’ve still just begun to know the banana.

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Are Gummy Bears Healthy?

Even when choosing a healthy lifestyle and going vegan, we all have guilty pleasures. Some of us just can’t say no sometimes and choose to indulge. One seemingly harmless snack is gummy bears. What are they really made of? Are they healthy? You’re at the right place. Read on to find out.

As far as fat content goes, you’re in the clear. Gummy bears generally are fat free. This might give you the idea that even if gummy bears aren’t great for you, they’re certainly not bad for you. That’s not necessarily true. Gummy bears are made of mostly gelatin and different forms of sugar. It’s important to point out the fact that gelatin is usually made from cow or pig tendons, ligaments, bones and/or skin, which certainly makes it off-limits to vegetarians and vegans. It can be hard to say no to the sweet little fellows, but remembering the reasons why you said no to animal products will hopefully help you make your decision.

Because of the gelatin content, gummy bears actually contain a few grams of protein. They, in no way, should add to your daily protein intake if you’re a vegan, and even if you’re not vegan, eating the amount of gummy bears it would take to add up to a daily serving of protein would result in a stomach ache before you could finish.

Gummy bears may be fat free, but they do contain carbs. A good amount of calories come from the carbohydrates. There are two different types of carbs. There are simple carbs and complex carbs and there’s a big difference. Simple carbs are also known as “empty carbs,” while complex carbs are good carbs and aid in healthy digestion. The carbs found in gummy bears are of the simple carb variety. Also gummy bears can cause tooth decay as they tend to stick to teeth.

All-in-all, gummy bears have no vitamin or mineral content. This makes them more just to satisfy your sweet tooth than to add any actual nutritional value to your diet. However, since gummy bears are so loved, companies have started making varieties that are actually good for you. Some brands of gummy bears have added vitamin C. Other companies have taken it a step further and have started producing multivitamins in gummy form, although those still include gelatin. Either way in order to follow a clean and healthy vegan way-of-life, that includes saying no to gummy bears and finding better ways to satisfy your guilty pleasures.