femaleDoctorEver since she found her calling as a dietician, Susan knew that spreading the word about a truly healthy lifestyle was going to be her primary calling in life. If you’re going to live on this planet, you want to live in harmony not only with it’s creatures but within your own skin as well. Susan became fully-committed to veganism over two decades ago. This has fueled her to eventually go on to create this site as a tribute to the diet and lifestyle choice that has rewarded her so greatly.

Utilizing the benefits of a diet rich in raw vegetables and amazing super-foods has given people so much more life to enjoy that it typically leaves them never looking back at cheeseburgers or fresh fries with confusion and contempt. While Susan’s children have each gone their own paths with their diets and choices as to whether or not to consume meat, her family is currently entirely vegan, with the exception of one son who chooses to include some animal byproducts (such as dairy) in his diet. Of course, all of my family would have my full acceptance and support regardless of the diet they choose, so long as it’s healthy!

If you are anything like Susan, you just value life so much that you want to share your zest with everyone you know. Having a healthy diet is crucial to that happening. The information shared here at slowfoodnetwork.com is geared towards giving you and your family the options you need and the different perspectives you may not otherwise have. Hopefully, once you have immersed yourself in the different worlds of possibilities that exist for vegans and supporters of raw food diets, you’ll see just how these lifestyle changes can reward you as they have rewarded Susan’s family.

Covering topics such as recipes, highlights on particular vegetables and also interviews with famous chefs, the site is aimed at helping provide the best guidance on health and diet possible. Of course, there will be a constant focus on raw food diets and vegan diets but at times there will also be a highlight about some food or lifestyle choice that may not be 100% vegan or compliant with a raw food criteria. Life has many angles, shapes and sizes and trying to fit everything into a one-size-fits-all box isn’t ever good. Come along with us on our adventure towards health, well-being and conscious living.